About e‑Pilot

Accessible via a secure login, you can quickly and easily view your cruising guides, annotate them, make notes and highlight aspects of interest specific to your vessel using the online edit tools. This makes it easy to find the important information you need, when you need it, with no need for bulky books on the bridge.


You can buy 1 publication or buy a whole area and with 1 email or a phone call your publications can be added with no need for licence codes to be issued. It’s active online and gives you instant access to the data and info you need.


Multi platform product viewing

Cruising guides can be viewed in a browser on desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.


Secure access

Requiring email and password to log in.

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Edit and share the data

You can change the data and also allow other crew members to view your local data specific to your vessel.

The system is live and constantly updates

So you always view the most up to date data.

Quick and convenient

You can buy and view and have instant access to the information without the need and to collect and store a physical book.


A unique solution and the only one on the market that offers the latest data online specific to you.

A 10% saving when you purchase the whole med for the 1st user

Up to 3 users per subscription so multiple crew and owners can access the program

12 month licence

All updates and new editions within the licence period are issued and updated automatically online free of charge to all subscribers. There are no update processes to go through

Space saving – you no longer need bulky physical guides, freeing up space on the bridge

“The digital nature of e‑Pilot means I don’t have to try and photocopy parts of the book but instead I can easily highlight and print only the needed information for passage planning”

Captain - 45m M/Y

“Not only does e‑Pilot have a great spacesaving aspect on the bridge but how easy it is to use has saved our crew valuable time and the fact it is live and updated instantly is amazing”

2nd Officer - 90m M/Y

For more information about e‑Pilot or to create an account, please contact us today on:

+44 (0)23 8180 0320